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How does it work?

This program is our way of saying, "thanks for your support!". We want to reward you for doing what you love with vouchers, special offers and promotions.

Every time you spend a dollar at crossroads, we will reward you with one point. When you reach 80 points instore, your $5 REWARD voucher will instantly print along with your receipt. 

You can also collect points online, as long as you’re logged in, and your points will then be automatically credited to your account. We will then email you your REWARD voucher which can be used instore and online.

If you earn 160 points, you will receive 2 x $5 REWARD vouchers.

If you earn 100 points, you will receive a $5 REWARD voucher and have a 20 point balance remaining on your account.

The max voucher amount that can print at one time is $50 for 800 points. Any remaining vouchers owed will print when you next purchase with us.

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Becoming a member

You can become a member in any of our stores, or, you can sign up online by clicking on the ‘login/register’ link on the top right hand side of our website and completing the registration form. You don’t need to enter a membership number when you first join, this will be issued to you once you sign up.

Using your membership card & login

If you don’t use your REWARDS membership card when purchasing instore, you will be unable to gain points as they are computer generated and cannot be applied after you have made your purchase. If you forget your card, just let us know so we can look you up on our system and allocate your points. Alternatively, if you are shopping online, you must log in to collect & redeem points.

If you have lost, misplaced or broken your REWARDS member card, please visit your nearest crossroads store and let someone from our team know that you need a new card. We will be able to replace the card without creating a new account for you, so all your hard earned points will still be there! If you are struggling to login to our website when making an online purchase, please contact our customer care team who will be more than happy to help http://www.crossroads.com.au/contactUs 

Should you lose or damage your membership card, crossroads is not liable for any damaged, lost or stolen REWARD vouchers.

Rewards vouchers

REWARD vouchers can be redeemed at any crossroads store. Unfortunately, at this point in time, REWARD vouchers issued instore can only be redeemed instore, however, REWARD vouchers issued online can  be redeemed both online and instore. They are valid for 30 days from the date of issue (the expiry date will shown on your REWARD voucher).

Your REWARDs voucher can be used on any product so long as the total transaction amount is over $13.95, and is greater than the voucher amount you are trying to redeem.

Having issues? Read more about how to redeem a promo & voucher code.

View the crossroads rewards Terms & Conditions >

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